regarding me…

new mug

I was told there’d be cake…?

i’m debbie matthews. i live in Durham, NC, and write food columns for both The Henderson Daily Dispatch, in Henderson NC, and The Sanford Herald.  

Every Saturday The Daily Dispatch also runs another column of mine.  This piece appears on the front page and is a hopefully humorous essay with no set topic. The Sanford paper runs it as well, but on Sunday.

Lately, i’ve also begun writing for Indy Week, an independent newspaper in the triangle. They’ll appear every now & then on no set schedule, so head over to the Indy, and check the food section.

i’ve been married to Petey since the invention of movable type.  We have one child, The Kid, a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute, and my culinary co-conspirator.

Like the name of this blog, my posts are pretty much anything shiny that pops into my head.

i will add new work each Tuesday and every Friday.

Thanks for your time.




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